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Dr. Whitney Irie

Doctorate of Philosophy


About Dr. Irie

Dr. Irie understands that life presents us with a multitude of challenges, and how we navigate these adversities is profoundly influenced by our capacity for gentleness and self-compassion. With a dedication to providing support and counseling, she empowers her clients to effectively confront a wide array of personal life challenges, including depression, anxiety, relationship issues, family stressors, anger management, adjustments and transitions, interpersonal struggles, and much more.

Drawing from a diverse range of therapeutic approaches, including cognitive behavioral therapy, rational emotive behavior therapy, and solution-focused brief therapy, Dr. Irie tailors her methods to suit the unique needs of each individual. Her background extends to extensive experience in clinical and health research, honed during her tenure as a postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Population Medicine at Harvard Medical School. Here, her focus centered on client-centered strategies to enhance the sexual health of Black women. In May 2022, Dr. Irie garnered recognition through an interview with the New York Times Magazine, shedding light on her research that addresses sexual safety and fertility in women of color.


With an unwavering commitment to assisting individuals, couples, and families in building upon their existing strengths, Dr. Irie adopts a solution-focused, goal-oriented approach to therapy. She begins by assessing a client's present situation, collaboratively sets achievable goals, and devises a strategic plan of action to realize those objectives. Her ultimate aim is to facilitate empowerment through a journey of self-reflection, self-discovery, and positive transformation.

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