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Renewed Journey Counseling Services, LLC

Our Mission

Empowering Individuals to Heal, 
Nurturing Family Success, and
Fostering Thriving Communities.


About Our Practice

Welcome to Renewed Journey Counseling Services, LLC, where your therapeutic well-being is our priority. We're honored you've chosen our practice to embark on your path to insight, motivation, inspiration, and solutions. Our commitment is to guide individuals and families towards setting goals and making healthier choices.

Established in 2007, Renewed Journey CS was born out of a deep desire to assist others in overcoming life's challenges that may hinder personal growth. Our team of dedicated licensed clinicians, each with their unique specialties, ensures that your specific needs are met in a warm and calming environment where trustworthiness and excellent bedside manner are upheld.

At Renewed Journey CS, we employ progressive mental health treatment methods to help you transform your daily life. Whether you're struggling with a mental or emotional disorder or facing challenges in important relationships, we're here to listen, ask questions, identify issues or fears, and collaboratively develop strategies to improve your life.

We firmly believe that as individuals become more self-aware and self-accepting, they gain the capacity to find inner peace and contentment. We'll guide you in shifting your perception of past hurts into valuable learning experiences. Our aim is to fortify the aspects of yourself that you've identified as your weakest.

Although your time with us may be brief, our ultimate goal is for you to depart with valuable lessons, the seeds of personal growth, and an enduring light to illuminate your renewed journey ahead.

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