Shaka T. Barrett


Shaka T. Barrett, LMSW


"Our lives are drawn out for us by a Master Artist. But we are given the colors to paint our own souls. Some days the colors we choose enrich who we are. Other days our brushstrokes seem to leave shadows over the person we long to be. That is when we need a vision greater than our own. If we look from afar we can see the beauty of the light and dark hues working together to create balance. From this perspective we can see ways to illuminate our lives with fresh true colors as we slowly become the MASTERPIECE We were designed to be!" -Unknown Author For over 20 years, Shaka Barrett has been a mental health professional guided by a simple goal: "To Give Voice to the Voiceless." He has worked with children, youth, adolescents, individual, couples and families in a variety of communities and has seen the frustration and despair of those who all too often feel invisible and ignored. He has seen the way systemic marginalization negatively impacts their lives and most importantly contributes to unhealthy ways these individuals and family systems view themselves evident by the stories they tell. Unfortunately many of those clients make their voices heard through unhealthy ways. 

This is the driving force and focus of Shaka's work as a Therapist. Utilizing evidence-based modalities, Shaka works with clients on their journey to reconnect with themselves and their humanity. Through therapy, you and Shaka will work together to challenge unhealthy paradigms and create new more healthy perspectives and coping strategies. 

Shaka, a Licensed Master Social Worker, is product of the PG County School System in Maryland and a proud Atlanta University Center Graduate [Morehouse College (BA Psychology 2001'); Clark Atlanta University (MSW Social Work 2008')]. In his work, he continually strives to create safe spaces where clients can fall in love with themselves as they reconnect and reclaim their own unique voice; learn to establishing new more healthy forms of self-care and become excited about celebrating themselves and their accomplishments.