“An individual’s power to positively influence and affect the world around them is found in their ability to understand and reshape their perspective.” Operating primarily from the Cognitive Behavioral approach to therapy, Ceria Tarver treatment approach assist clients in healing by confronting and re-framing current thoughts and patterns that sabotage and cause maladaptive behaviors. Ceria recognizes that past experiences shape the actions and thoughts from which many of her clients operate, however she has found that the present moment  has the most power to influence the change that is desired.

Ceria is an associate level Professional Counselor that graduated from Grand Canyon University where she received a Master’s of Science degree and member of the National Honor Society. She also holds a professional membership with the American Counseling Association and certified on the National Certified Counselor’s (NCC) board. She offers a wealth of skills that includes 20+ years of mentoring and empowering at-risk youth between the ages of 17-25, as well as career and life coaching for those seeking guidance in entrepreneurship. Ceria has a specialized certification in pre-marital and relationship counseling. She also demonstrates talents in serving individuals that have challenges with depression, ageism, low self-esteem, and general anxiety.