The New Year’s Resolution Solution-Try ONE-WORD Resolutions this year.

The New Year’s Resolution Solution-Try ONE-WORD Resolutions this year.

Most people make highly ambitious goals, such as going to the gym every day, cutting out sugar and soda, or following a new and strict diet plan. The problem with these resolutions is that they can be binding and difficult to adhere to once the year gets going. Plus, when you have to give up on your resolution, it hurts your confidence and breaks the promise you made to yourself.

While it feels great to make an elaborate resolution, such as going to the gym every day, this type of resolution is unsustainable. Not only does it take a long time to commit to a habit, but also it can be difficult to stick to a habit when there is no passionate “why” behind it.

This is where single-word resolutions come in. A single word can help you stay the course throughout the entire year, especially if the word encompasses what you desire to achieve. For example, my first word was forward. For me, moving forward was all about surrendering, forgiving, and being excited about the future. I wanted to move on from the past.

I did not master this immediately. In fact, it took me six months before I completely grasped the concept of moving forward. However, unlike an elaborate resolution, it was easy to remember this word when my thoughts started slipping. One word can be the catalyst of change, and my word was simple, easy to understand, and impactful.

If you are interested in shifting your mindset and setting a one-word resolution this year, here are some steps you can take. Take three days to settle on your word. Take a day to jot down all your wishes, dreams, desires, hopes, and goals. On day two, evaluate your list and look for the commonalities. At this point, you can start listing single words that encompass the things you wrote down on day one. Finally, choose the word that inspires you the most on day three.

0181040001641057133.jpgFor example, if your wishes and goals include better relationships, feeling happier, having a good night’s rest, and fitting into your clothes better, some words that encompass these goals are healthy, openness, and active. Many words will embody your goals, and it’s important to pick the one that resonates with you the most.

The new year is about a fresh start, creating and setting new goals to accomplish in the next 12 months. Most people make goals that are too ambitious, and the problem is that 80% of people give up on them in 30 days. If you’re interested in sticking to your resolution this year, consider making a one-word resolution that encompasses what you want to achieve for the year.



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