About Us

Welcome to Renewed Journey Counseling Services, LLC

Welcome to Renewed Journey Counseling Services, LLC. We are pleased you selected our practice for your therapeutic needs. We want to help each of our clients’ gain insight, motivation, inspiration, and solutions. Our services are guaranteed to prepare individuals and families on setting goals and making healthier choices.

Renewed Journey CS was established in 2007 with the sole intention to help others navigate the challenges that leave them unable to move forward. We have an amazing talent of licensed clinicians with varying specialties to ensure your needs are met. Our environment is warm, calming, and each of our professionals demonstrate trustworthiness and excellent bedside manner.

Renewed Journey CS progressive methods of mental health treatment helps our clients transform daily. They typically enter treatment with trouble overcoming a mental or emotional disorder or resolving a problem in an important relationship. We listen, ask questions, help identify the problems or fears, and develop strategies to improve our clients’ lives.

It is our belief that as people become more aware and accepting of themselves, they are more capable of finding a sense of peace and contentment in their lives.  We guide you on how to shift the perception of hurts to an experience that can be valued and appreciated. We hope to help strengthen what you have identified as your weakest parts.

Although your time will be brief, our goal is for you to walk away with lessons, seeds of growth, and a light that will help you along your path to experience a renewed journey.